Tacoma Meltdown is a rock band from Buffalo, NY, founded in 2021. Blending classic rock and blues with a swirl of punk and metal, Tacoma Meltdown forms a sound that rings true to it's influences. With guitar inspiration ranging from The Allman Brothers Band to Metallica, rhythmic bass lines honoring traditional jazz and blues, and the punchy drums similar to what you'd hear from your favorite drummer; Tacoma Meltdown is a rock band that brings everything together to create a unique sound unlike any other.

Covering some of your favorite classic rock, 90s rock, funk, blues, soul, country, and pop hits, set-lists can made suitable for any venue or private event. Contact us for booking!

Kevin B.

He leads the charge vocally (both on stage and off). Our front man and lead singer is originally from Orchard Park, NY and currently hails from Tonawanda. He got started with music at a young age and was always encouraged by his family to do more with it. In high school he played the trombone and sang in the choir. During the college years he fronted a band called Biggie and the Smalls and had a couple years of success doing so. Kev’s influences musically include Led Zeppelin, Queen, AC/DC, CCR, and Sara Bareilles. Ultimately his goal with Tacoma Meltdown is to have a ton of fun making music and get on stage and jam with his boys doing what he loves; entertaining people…. In his own words: “I love making people laugh and enjoy time with friends and family. When I’m not playing music I like disc golfing and gaming with my buds.”-Kevin

Sonny R.

Our lead guitarist. The old man and clearly the dad of the group, Sonny has been playing guitar since he was 12. Funny story, he actually learned to play on Kevin B’s older brothers’ guitar. After borrowing it for a few months he decided to get serious and put together his own rig. In High school, Sonny was in a blues/rock band called the Road Home and continued playing in various different groups all through college. One such group, Peace of Mind, included Kevin M and Kevin B’s older brother. He is influenced by artists like The Allman Brothers Band, Warren Haynes, Joe Bonamassa, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, John Mayer, The Guess Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so many more… When not studying the art of the guitar, Sonny can be found spending quality time with friends and family, attending concerts, coaching little loop football, building kitchens and bathrooms, or enjoying a nice evening out to eat or for drinks. “My goal has always been to put together a passionate group and create some incredible original music. Seeing people enjoy your stuff and get into the groove is the most rewarding part of playing in a band, and I look forward to a bunch of that with Tacoma Meltdown.” -Sonny

Tom W.

The proper dose of heavy metal and exciting riffs needed is supplied by guitarist Tommy Wilhelm. Since he began playing music when he was 7, Tom has built his sound through influences like Metallica, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd, and the Tragically Hip, just to name a few. High school was when Tom really pushed his craft into high gear. Outside of music, he can be found gaming, watching UFC, or kicking it on a Sunday cheering on the Bills. “I definitely want to record original music that someday influences someone like it’s done for me” -Tom

Kevin M.

The thumping soul behind Tacoma Meltdown is Kevin McGrath on Bass. Kevin is a Buffalo-based musician that has been playing bass for 20 years. Beginning in the world of Punk, he later got involved with Jazz and Swing through OPHS and Buffalo State College. Kevin and Sonny go back to 2010 playing together in Peace of Mind, a blues/rock group from Orchard Park. He also has played some guitar in a jazz quartet. Kevin has been a part of many other groups, including Choirs, Pit Orchestras, Symphonic Orchestras, and more. Influenced by so many varieties of music from Jazz to Progressive Rock and Metal, Kevin brings a lot to the table. “I want to focus on bringing a solid foundation to the rhythm section, spiced up with a little creativity.” -Kevin

Danny B.

One of the co-founders of Tacoma Meltdown and leading the back end on drums is Dan Baker. Dan comes from a family of musicians and loves literally every genre of music in some capacity. Baker’s influences are whatever he is listening to at any given moment, and he never sticks to just one style of music for too long. “I like to stay active physically and mentally and I play drums” -Dan